Two Thrones in Heaven

One passage says: “His throne was fiery flames (Daniel 7:9).”  Another passage says: “Thrones were placed, and an ancient of days did sit (ibid).” There is no difficulty. One [throne] for him, and one for David. As it is taught: “One for him and one for David,” is the view of Rabbi Akiba. Rabbi Yosi the Galilean to him, “Akiba! How long will you treat the Divine Presence as mundane!” Instead, [it must mean], “One for judgment and one for charity.” Did he accept this from him, or did he not accept it? Come and hear: “One for judgment and one for charity,” this is the view of Rabbi Akiba. Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah said to him, “Akiba, what have you to do with Aggadah? Restrict your words to leprosy and tent-coverings. Rather, one for a throne and one for a stool.  The throne to sit upon, the stool for a footrest, as it is said: “The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool (Isaiah 66:1).” (B.Hagigah 14.)

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