Ulla (An Israeli scholar who frequently visited the Babylonian academies) visited Rav Nachman. Ulla ate bread and then brought the cup of blessing to Rav Nachman. Rav Nachman said to Ulla, “Sir, send the cup of blessing to Yalta.” Ulla said, “Thus says Rabbi Yohanan: The fruit of a woman’s womb is only blessed through her husband’s womb, as it is written, ‘He will bless the fruit of your (2nd person masculine) womb.’ (Deut. 7:13) ‘Fruit of her womb’ is not written, rather ‘fruit of your womb.”… When Yalta heard about this, she rose in a rage, entered the wine cellar, and smashed 400 barrels of wine. Rav Nachman said to Ulla, “Sir, send her another cup.” He sent it with the message, “All the wine in the flask may be considered ‘of the blessing.’ She sent back, “From vagabonds come words and from rags come fleas.”           TB Brachot 51b