Roman Accomplishments



Rabbi Yehudah, Rabbi Yosi, and Rabbi Shimon were sitting together. Rabbi Yehudah ben Gerim (“son of converts”) was sitting nearby. Rabbi Yehudah began the conversation with: “How nice are the deeds of this nation. They have maintained marketplaces, bridges, and bathhouses.” Rabbi Yosi remained silent. Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai answered and said, “All that they have maintained – they only maintained it for their own needs. They maintained marketplaces – to provide prostitutes, bathhouses - to rejuvenate themselves, bridges – to collect tolls.” Rabbi Yehudah ben Gerim spread their words and the government heard. They said, “Yehudah who raised us up – raise him up; Yosi, who was silent, - exile him to Sepphoris; Shimon who disparaged us, -execute him.”  (B. Shabbat 33:)

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