A deer was brought to the house of the Resh Galuta which had been trapped on the first day of Yom Tov and slaughtered on the second day of Yom Tov. Rav Nachman and Rav Hisda ate but Rav Sheshet did not eat.  Eruvin 39:

The Resh Galuta said to Rav Sheshet, “Even though you rabbis are elders, the Persians are more expert in the requirements of fine dining. Where there are two couches, the more distinguished diner reclines at the head and the second in rank reclines just above him. When there are three, the most distinguished reclines in the middle and the second above him and the third below him.” Rav Sheshet said, “So when he wants to talk to him he must stretch himself up and sit and turn!” He replied, “This doesn’t matter to the Persians, for they talk with their hands.”   Berachot 46:

The Resh Galuta asked Rav Sheshet, “Why, sir, do you not dine with us?” Rav Sheshet replied, “Because your servants are suspected of violating the prohibition of “ever min ha-chai.” The RG said, “Who says?” Rav Sheshet said, “I’ll show you.” He said to his servant, “Go steal a leg from what they are preparing to serve and bring it to me.” He brought it to him. Rav Sheshet said to them, “Let’s see the cuts of the animal.” They brought out three legs. Rav Sheshet said to them, “Was it a three-legged animal?” They went and severed a leg from another animal and brought it to him. Rav Sheshet said to his servant, “Place the leg you took next to it.” He did so. Rav Sheshet said to them, “So, was the animal five-legged?”  TB Gittin 67:


(The story continues with the RG offering to have his servants prepare a meal under the direct supervision of Rav Sheshet. He agrees and they prepare for him a piece of meat that would be dangerous for a blind person to risk eating. Rav Sheshet detected the problem by probing the meat and he surreptitiously hid it in his scarf. The servants claim that a silver goblet has gone missing as a pretext to search Rav Sheshet’s scarf. Upon discovering the hidden meat, the servants complain to the RG that Rav Sheshet clearly has no intention of eating, merely to play games with them. The rabbi demurs that he did taste a bit but that the meat tasted “leprous” to him. The servants deny having prepared leprous meat. At the rabbi’s request, the rest of the animal is examined and indeed, a small spot indicating a leprous infection is found. Finally, the servants dig a deep pit, throw a mat of reeds over it, and invite Rav Sheshet to walk in its direction to a couch to rest before his departure. Rav Hisda makes a snorting noise to warn Rav Sheshet, who then employs a ruse to detect the danger.  After leaving unscathed, Rav Sheshet is asked by Rav Hisda how he figured out the danger. Rav Sheshet replies that, in addition to his ruse, he got that the snort was a warning and that, anyway, the Resh Galuta’s servants are to be suspected of murder.)

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