Rav checked a ferry-boat as a sign. Shmuel checked a book. Rabbi Yohanan checked a child. All the years of Rav, Rabi Yohanan would write, “To our rabbi in Bavel…” After Rav died, he wrote to Shmuel, “To our colleague in Bavel…” Shmuel said, “Does he not know that I am his rabbi?” He sent him the calendar calculations for 60 years in advance. Rabbi Yohanan said, “He just knows math.” Shmuel sent him 13 scrolls on the topic of what’s doubtfully treif. Rabbi Yohanan said, “I have a rav in Bavel. I will go and see him.” He said to a child, “Read me the verse you are learning.” The child recited, “Shmuel died…” Rabbi Yohanan reasoned that Shmuel must have died, but it was not so. This only occurred so that Rabbi Yohanan would not be bothered.  Hullin 95:

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