Non-Jewish Attitudes toward Jews

For if we are so prepared for them [the Jews] in our discussions, they will not, as is their manner, scornfully laugh at gentile believers for their ignorance of the true reading as they have them. Origen, EP. to Africanus 5 (185-254 CE)


Rabbi Abbahu lectured about the non-Jews who would sit in their בבתי תרטיאות ובבתי קרקסיאות playing music, eating and getting drunk. They would set a man in tatters on the stage and say to him, “Why are your clothes tattered?” and he would answer, “I am a poor Jew, these are my Shabbat clothes, and I can afford only one Shabbat suit.” They would bring a camel into the theater and ask, “Why are you in mourning?” A voice would answer, “I am mourning because I it is a shemittah year and the Jews, lacking vegetables, have eaten all my feed.”  Lamentations Rabbah, Pitichatot

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