Miraculous Healer

There is a braita: It once happened that Gamaliel’s son became ill. He sent two scholars to Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa to ask him to pray for him. When he saw them he went upstairs and prayed for him. Upon coming down he said to them, “Go, his fever has been removed from him.” They said to him, “So, you are a prophet?” He said to them, “I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but this I have received: If my prayer is fluent in my mouth, I know that he is accepted; if not, I know that he is treif.” They sat down and recorded the exact moment. When they came to Rabban Gamaliel, he said to them, “By the temple service! You have not been a moment too soon or too late, but so it happened: at that very moment his fever was removed from him and he asked us for water to drink. On another occasion it happened that Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa went to study Torah with Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai, and the son of Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai was ill. He said to him, “Hanina my son, pray for him that he may live.” He put his head between his knees and prayed for him and he lived. Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai said, “If Ben Zakkai had stuck his head between his knees for the whole day, no attention would have been paid to him.” His wife said to him, “Is Hanina greater than you are?” He said to her, “No; but he is like a servant before the king,and I am like a minister before a king.”  (B.Brachot 34:)

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