Marrital Relationships


Rav said, “A person should always be careful regarding abusing his wife, for as her tears are plentiful her oppression is nearby.” … Rav said, “Anyone who follows his wife’s advice falls into Gehinnom.”  (B. Baba Metzia 59.)

Rav Kahana went in and lay down under the bed of Rav. He [Rav Kahana] heard that he [Rav] was talking and laughing and “doing his needs” (having sexual intercourse), and he [Rav Kahana] said to him [Rav], “The mouth of Abba (that is, Rav) seems as if it has never sipped this dish before!” He [Rav] said to him, “Kahana, are you here?(!) Get out, for this is not proper behavior!” He [Rav Kahana] said to him, “It is Torah, and I need to learn” it (b. Berachot 62., similarly B. Hagiga 5:)

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