Rabbi Bans Study in Marketplace (Shuk)


Rabbi decreed against teaching students Torah in the shuk. Rabbi Hiyya went out and taught two of his brother’s sons Torah in the shuk; Rav and Rabbah bar Hannah. Rabbi heard about it and was perturbed. Rabbi Hiyya came to appear before him, and Rabbi said to him, “Iya, who is calling you outside?” He realized that Rabbi was mindful of the matter, and he conducted himself as if he had been formally ostracized for the 30 day period. On the thirtieth day, Rabbi sent the message that Rabbi Hiyya should come to him, then sent another message that he should not come… In the end, Rabbi Hiyya came. Rabbi said to him, “Why did you come?” “His honor sent for me to come.” “But I sent for you to not come.” He replied, “I saw the first message but not the second.” Rabbi applied to him the verse: “When HaShem desires the ways of a man even his enemies will make peace with him.” (Proverbs 16:7)     (B. Moed Kattan 16)


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