Rav said: Pots must be broken on Passover. Why? Let them be kept until after Passover and then used with non-chametz? It’s a decree lest they be used with chametz! Shmuel said, “Don’t break them. Rather, wait until after Passover and then use them regardless of whether its chametz or not.” Shmuel is consistent, for he said to the pot sellers, “Charge the fair price for your pots, or I will give a Dvar Torah that goes according to Rabbi Shimon (who allows chamets left over Passover).” He would “give a Dvar Torah”? But, he agrees with Rabbi Shimon anyway! It was Rav’s town.  Pesachim 30a

(In Sukkah 34: Shmuel threatens to preach leniently on a rule of hadasim during Sukkot if the sellers raise their prices)

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