Hiyya's Sons


Yehudah and Hezkiah, the sons of Rabbi Hiyya, were sitting at a meal in the presence of Rabbi, and they were not saying anything. Rabbi said, “Overwhelm the youths with wine so that they will say something.” Once they became drunk, they began by saying, “The Son of David [the Messiah] will not come until the two dynasties are removed from Israel, and these are the Exilarch (Rosh Golah) in Bavel and the Nasi in Eretz Yisrael,” as it is written, “And he will be a holiness and a tripping stone and stumbling rock for two houses in Israel.” (Isa. 8:4) Rabbi said, “My sons, you are throwing thorns into my eyes!” Rabbi Hiyya said to him, “Rabbi, don’t let this be bad in your eyes. ‘Wine’ (יין ) is given 70 in letters and ‘secret’ (סוד ) is given 70 in letters. When wine enters, secrets go out.” (B. Sanhedrin 38.)

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