The Gladiator

Resh Lakish sold himself to the Ludai. He brought with him a bag with a stone in it. He said to himself, “I’ve learned that on the last day they grant a man whatever he wishes so that he will forgive them on account of his blood.” On the last day, they said to him, “What do you want?” He said, “I want to tie you up and hit each one of you with a bag and a half.” He tied them up and hit one of them with the bag, and knocked the wind out of him. The Ludi ground his teeth. Resh Lakish said, “Are you laughing at me? I have another half to smack you with!” He killed them all. (B. Gittin 47.)


Rabbi Isi was captured during a riot. Rabbi Yohanan said, “The dead man shall be wrapped in his sheet.” Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish said, “Whether I kill or am killed, I will go and rescue him. (Y. Terumot 8 daf 46 bet/4)

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