Rava asked Rafram bar Papa: “Sir, tell us some good stories about Rav Huna.” He answered, “In his youth I did not know him, but in his old age I did. On overcast days he would ride about in a gold sedan chair and tour the whole town. Any wall that was dilapidated, he would tear it down. If the owner could afford it, he would pay to rebuild it. If the owner could not afford it, Rav Huna would pay. Every Erev Shabbat, he would send representatives to the shuk. Every vegetable that was left unsold, he would purchase it and have this surplus thrown into the river (He did not distribute it to the poor because he was concerned that they would become dependent upon him. He did not feed the animals with it because he felt that food fit for human consumption should not be given to animals. He bought it because he wanted to prevent “missteps in the future”). Whenever he had a medicine, he would fill a water jug of it, place it on the doorstep, and invite all in need of it to come and take some… When he would break bread in his house, he would say, ‘Let all who are in need enter and eat.”   Ta’anit 2:

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