Eye Treatment


Mar Ukba quoted Shmuel that eye ointment may be prepared on Erev Shabbat, and placed upon the eye on Shabbat. Bar Levai was standing before Mar Ukba opening and shutting his eyes. Mar Ukba said to him, “Applying that much eye ointment on Shabbat surely Mar Shmuel did not permit!” Rabbi Yannai (Israel) sent for Shmuel’s eye ointment from Mar Ukba. Mar Ukba sent a message back, “I will send it because I don’t want you to say that I’m stingy (“tsar aiyin”) but Shmuel says, ‘A drop of cold water in the morning and washing the hands and feet in warm water in the evening is better than any eye ointment in the whole world.”  (B. Shabbat 108:)

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