Rabbinic Etiquette


Rav asked Rabbi, “If a person’s friend loads him up with food and drink and he carries them outdoors, what is the law? Is moving by one’s body the equivalent of moving an object and so a violation, or not? He replied, “It is a violation, which is unlike transporting an object by hand. What is the reason? The body is settled in a specific place; the hand floats about.” Rabbi Hiyya said to Rav, “Bar P-CH-T-Y. Have I not told you that when Rabbi is studying one masseket you must not question him about another, lest he not know it? If Rabbi was not such a great man, he may have been embarrassed by teaching you something incorrect. Nonetheless, he taught you correctly, as a braiata states …” (B. Shabbat 3*)

*Neusner, A history of Jews in Babylonia, based on Biblical and Parthian documents from Nisa, identifies P-CH-T-Y as “satrap”)

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