Rabbi [Yehudah Nasia?] planted on Purim, bathed in the “krenois” *(“spring” or “fountain”) of Sepphoris on the 17th of Tammuz, and tried to annul the fast of Tisha B’Av, but his colleagues would not consent.   TB Megillah 5b-6a

*κρην-αῖος, α, ον, (κρήνη) of, from a spring or fountain, Νύμφαι κρηναῖαι, = Κρηνιάδες, Od.17.240; κ. ὕδωρ spring water, Hdt.4.181; ποτόν S.Tr.14, Ph.21; νασμοί E.Hipp.225 (anap.); γάνος, i.e. the water of Dirce, A.Pers.483; λιβάδες AP9.549 (Antiphil.); Κ. πύλαι the gate of Dirce (v. Sch.), E.Ph. 1123.

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