Cries of the Dejected


Rav Yehudah was sitting before Shmuel and a woman entered crying, and he ignored her. Rav Yehudah said to Shmuel, “Doesn’t Mar consider ‘He who stops his ears from hearing the cries of the dejected will himself cry out and not be answered’ (Proverbs 21:13)?” “Sharp one – your superior will be punished with cold water but your superior’s superior will be punished with hot! Mar Ukba , the Av Bet Din sits, as it is written, ‘House of David! Thus says HaShem: Judge in the morning justice and save the oppressed from the hand of the oppressor lest the fire of my heated wrath burn without being extinguished due to your evil neglect!” (B. Shabbat 55.*)

*According to TB Eruvin 65a, Mar Ukba did not hold court on days on which there was a harsh south wind

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