Rav (Abba Arikha)


Rav, born Abba ben Aibo was also known as Abba Arikha because of his height. A great scholar and teacher, he was descended from Shemiah, the brother of King David. He is most noted for founding the talmudic academy in Sura, thus beginning the growth of Babylonian, Jewish scholarship and its lasting dominance.

The title Rav, by which this third century scholar was identified most often, was the honorific assigned  scholars ordained in Babylon.  The fact that this consumate scholar was known by his title alone, speaks to his accomplishments and to the extent of their influence. It is similar in tone to the honorific Rabbi, by which Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi was to be known for all time. He was heir to extensive learning. His father's brother was none other than Rabbi Hiyya.

He lived from c. 175 to 250 C.E.

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