Shimon bar Yochai

Shimon bar Yochai was a student of Rabbi Akiva who was ordained by Rabbi Yehuda ben Baba. He lived during the time of the Hadrianic persecutions. He was famous for his erudition, his traditionalism and his devotion.  His devotion was so deep that it gave him mystical powers that manifested themselves after a period of self-exile to a cave with his son Elazar, a move taken to avoid the Romans during an era when Jewish learning was banned

He is often associated with Lag B'Omer, not only because of deep anti-Roman sentimentws, but because he died on that date in the Galilean town of Meron, where his grave is a pilgrimage site to our own time. Because of his zealousness and mystical ways, it is not surprising that the Zohar  (the medieval work ta the basis of Kabbalah) was ascribed to Bar Yochai. 

Documents reflecting his life follow.

The Cow and the Calf

Roman Accomplishments

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